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Home for Destitute Women (Swadhar Gruha)

Location: Rayagada District, Odisha

SNEH’s ‘Swadhar Gruha’ in Rayagada town in Odisha currently accommodates some 50 destitute women and girls, many of whom have been ostracized and abandoned by their families or their communities. This is the only home functioning in this tribal-dominated district, and the primary aim of this project is to either reconcile the women with their families of attempt to rehabilitate and mainstream them by providing vocational skills training. During their stay at the Home, the women are provided food, shelter, healthcare and legal aid, should they require it.

They undertake vocational training courses in tailoring, leaf-plate making, appliqué work, embroidery and saree-making, to bolster their employment potential so that they can become self-sufficient and financially independent. Frequent psycho-social, legal and trauma counseling are also provided to these women.

In 2015-16, of the 89 women housed at Swadhar Gruha, 74 were rehabilitated. SNEH is also a ‘service provider’ to check domestic violence in the Rayagada district. Lawyers are made available by the organization to provide free legal advice and to help the women reconcile with their husbands or in-laws. The Swadhar Gruha enjoys a good rapport with the district and local authorities, and is managed by a ‘Home Committee’ comprising advocates, social activists, reporters, police personnel and other government officials from the district.