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Rural Health Clinic

Location: Kanjiakana Village, Jagatsinghpur District, Odisha

Following the devastation of Odisha by the super-cyclone of 1999, SNEH set up a Health Clinic in Kanjiakana village of Jagatsinghpur district, the area that was the worst-hit. The clinic provides free healthcare services, including medication and support for critical ailments, and is manned by a doctor, a pharmacist and a trained woman health worker. SNEH has also extended healthcare services through its trained health workers and TBAs, to support the government health drives on HIV/AIDS, Pulse Polio, Hepatitis-B and other programs. SNEH’s on-ground staff have been sensitizing and conducting outreach programs in the local villages on health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.

Six hundred seventy seven children and over 2,700 adults benefited from the clinic’s round-the-clock services in 2016. Children get frequent health check-ups, and are provided with free medication, along with life-saving treatments, as and when required.