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About Us

In 1992, a group of professionals–architects, academicians, engineers, journalists and HR experts from Orissa and West Bengal–formed a society with a view to bringing change in the lives of vulnerable and marginalised people. Since then, SNEH has been implementing various developmental programmes for the welfare of the target people, in both Orissa and West Bengal. The organization works with marginalized groups like women, tribals, slum-dwellers and the distressed, with healthcare, education, conservation and income generation schemes designed to improve the quality of their daily lives.

SNEH has been working in the field of tribal girls’ education, women’s empowerment, community health, agriculture, livelihood, education and the environment. SNEH’s particular focus, however, is youth and children. As a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization, SNEH believes in peace and justice and tolerance for all.


To provide welfare without barriers and to bring change in the lives of vulnerable people.


  • To enable sustainable development through community empowerment and participatory action.
  • To create a society free of poverty, deprivation, disease, exploitation and injustice.
  • To ensure basic human needs like food, shelter, clothes, health, education and equal opportunities for all, where sharing, cooperation and collective progress are ways of life.

Legal Status

SNEH is registered under :
Indian Society Registration Act, 1860
(Registration No. BBSR / 4922– 846 of 1992 – 93)
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act,
(FCRA No.- 105020209)
12(A) of Income Tax Act