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NUHM Mahila Arogya Samiti

Location: Paradeep Municipal Area, Odisha

SNEH has been identified by the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM), Government. of Odisha, to take steps for the formation and capacity-building of Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) in the Paradeep municipal area. Seventeen MAS’ have been formed in the 17 slums of the area.  SNEH has also sensitized the dwellers of another 22 slums on health-related issues, superstitions, maternal healthcare, new-born care and the welfare schemes of the Central and State governments through staging of Pala (a folk dance form) and organizing slum meetings. The meetings, which are informative and participatory, are conducted by SNEH’s trained personnel, and are attended by community leaders, local corporators and district officials.